Thank you for dropping by Tinst Co.

The work of Tinst Co. actually started in year 2008. That was the year my mother Ann Law published her first book ‘There Is No Secret to Practical Parenting‘. That year Ann was among the 60 nominated writers who were invited by the Life of Learning Foundation to participate in Barnes & Noble’s online book campaign for Guy Finley’s best-selling book, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living.

Subsequently, ‘There Is No Secret to Time Management’, ‘There Is No Secret to Feng Shui Parenting’, and ‘There Is No Secret to Healthful Living’,  were published.

Over 100 talks and workshops have been conducted in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore, to help students, parents and teachers improve their health and life.

We are confident you will gain some practical tips (and some laughter) from the workshops and talks organized by Tinst Co.

To your happiness and success in life.