Dr JL Da Costa, medical professor and father of 2 children: “Hi Ann, your parenting book is a good book, all Singapore parents must read it.”

Dr.  S L Yap, Singapore. Practicing Dentist at Aloha Dental Clinic. Mother of 4 children, after reading our book wrote: “Hi Ann, your book is well written, simple and precise. I’m a much happier mother now. ”

Mrs. Betty Ravin, Founder of RKK Museum, Kerala, India: ” It is a good book on parenting its simple and full of facts. People from all walks of life can understand and will benefit from reading.”

Mr Zhang Long, Shanghai, China says:

“Thanks the meaningful magazine and articles, I am a single father after reading your article, I realize that I have not been a good father since my wife left me. I promise myself to understand my children more, and I will also apply the feng shui tips. Your parenting tips are really true and wonderful. I hope to be a happy good father. Thanks again.”

Ms Lee Wan from Singapore, mother of 2 children says:

“I read your parenting book and truly agreed with your tips. I’ve spent thousands of dollars in consulting child specialist and it hardly work. Your solutions written in the book which costs me only S$27, and it works! I managed to improve my relationship with my girls, and I am reading your book over n over like a bible to remind myself. It’s a great book! Thanks a lot.”

Miss YuTin Yong, undergraduate, Rahman University, Malaysia:

“Thank you for teaching me the Exercise No. 9 of your book. The lump on my left breast has diminished after 6 months when x-ray. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to go for the operation. My mother spent so much money on 3 doctors, and all of them said I must go for operation!!! Thank you so much.”

Mrs. Cynthia Tan, auditor, Penang, Malaysia:

“I’m diagnosed with a 4.2cm of ovary fibroid, my doctor told me to go for operation if it grows to 5.6cm. After practicing diligently your exercise my fibroid disintegrated and disappeared 3 months later after scanned. Thank you.”

Mr. T. R. John, General Manager , N.T. Hong Kong

“My blood pressure is normal after doing your exercise No. 7 for 2 months, and my urine frequency is normal now. I don’t have to get up in the night to urine anymore. Your exercise No.1 is really fantastic.”

Mrs Claire Khor, housewife, Bukit Timah, Singapore.

“The cyst on my breast has disappeared after doing your exercise No.9 . and the swollen veins on my leg also disappeared without operation. Thank you very much.”

Mr Kenny Lee, Hong Kong says: 

“It’s great to learn about Chinese Feng Shui Tips . My wife told me those tips were really wonderful. My children improved in their behavior and school performance. Parents should try to learn those tips, they are practical, simple and effective too. Wish all parents know these tips to help their children. Thanks.”